Expert Analysis

Brazil’s impeachment crisis: next stop, regime change

The prospect of President Dilma Rousseff’s departure from office and – more specifically – the likelihood that Vice President Michel Temer could take over as soon as mid-May with Rousseff formally suspended from office and awaiting the outcome of impeachment proceedings – has, by and large, cheered foreign investors in Brazil. Known as an ideologically […]

China’s Great Transformation: No taxation without representation?

Three years into his anticipated decade-long tenure in office, volumes have been written about Chinese President Xi Jinping. Often compared to Mao Zedong, Xi’s “cult of personality” has fascinated China-watchers since his elevation to the Politburo in 2007. Undoubtedly a strong and centralising figure, critics say an “autocrat,” Xi has been the subject of domestic […]

Special Report: The off-grid solar revolution lighting up Sub-Saharan Africa

Foreign investors and African governments are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in new power generation capacity across Africa in an effort to boost base-load electricity and create a more stable operating environment for their economies and businesses to grow. From solar parks in the north and the south of the continent, to the mega […]

The Panama Papers – an itch which is finally scratched

The 11.5m files which collectively make up the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ are compelling reading, not – as is often the case – because they are telling us anything that is new or especially revelatory, but because they allow us to put our finger on something that we have long suspected but been unable to demonstrate. […]

Africa’s budget airlines still struggling to emulate Europe’s low cost revolution

Low-cost airlines are widely expected to meet the demand for intra-African aviation, though the business model which has proved so successful in the American and European markets is still struggling to gain traction in African airspace as quickly as investors had hoped. In a continent which is home to more than one billion people, and […]