Europe and Central Asia

A powerful combination of high-level political intelligence-gathering, expert economic analysis, and exceptional business insight, has allowed Livingstone & Company to provide financial and corporate clients with essential reporting of the Eurozone throughout the current crisis. With exceptional access across Europe, our reporting has assisted clients in Germany, the UK, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Spain to develop operations throughout Europe, while our intelligence-gathering across the Former Soviet Union has been essential to our clients’ assessments of business partners, political interests and competitor advantage in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Recent or current projects have included:

The Eurozone

For a two year period during 2009-2011 Livingstone & Company provided leading global investors with detailed political and economic monitoring of the implementation of economic reform programmes across Europe; this involved comprehensive coverage of the economic trends dominating in the Eurozone, high-level EU decision-making, and ECB and IMF planning, as well as detailed examination of the evolving political relations between key Eurozone countries.


We completed an extended inquiry into a number of senior figures in the Italian banking arena, with the aim of evaluating the extent to which their official incomes and family inheritances were commensurate with their lifestyles, investments and international property portfolios. As part of this engagement we were also asked to assess whether formal corporate ties exist between these individuals in a range of European and off-shore jurisdictions.

The Balkans

Livingstone & Company was asked to undertake an in-depth integrity assessment of issues related to the energy sectors in several Balkan countries. Our reporting involved analysis of the relationships between a range of companies and the nature of their involvement with the governments concerned, as well as detailed research into the backgrounds and reputations of key entities and stakeholders. We focused, in particular, on identifying any evidence of improper or unethical dealings involving the principles.


Livingstone & Company conducted detailed research into the management and reputation of a major Ukrainian manufacturing company, as well as examining the reputations and associations of several of its key managers. We were asked to ascertain, in particular, whether any Ukrainian political or military officials remained closely involved in the running of the business and whether the Company was felt, by well-connected individuals in the Ukrainian business community, to be moving forward with a strong management team and programme for civilian manufacturing.


We have worked extensively across Russia, in banking, shipping, mining and energy, addressing, in detail, both political and operational concerns. Recently, Livingstone & Company was asked by a major financial institution to conduct a detailed investigation into the management and operations of a privately-owned extractives company with assets across Russia and the Caucasus; the Company had been linked to senior political figures in both Russia and Georgia. Our client wished to better-understand how the Company’s key beneficial owner assembled its asset base, and to what extent politically-exposed individuals remained involved in its management.


On behalf of a financial sector client we recently undertook an investigation into the business background, reputation and political links of a leading figure active in the country’s oil & gas and construction industries. The focus of the assignment was whether this individual was considered by those closely connected to the Azeri energy sector, to be the ultimate beneficial owner of several oil & gas assets with operations in Azerbaijan, or whether he was believed to hold his business interests on behalf of political interest groups.


A Far East-based investment bank requested that we examine the reputations and business practices of several senior professionals connected with the Kazakh oil & gas sector, particularly with respect to the privatisation of Kazakh assets. We gathered detailed information on both the execution of these privatisations, and on the reputations and business backgrounds of several key individuals who had played enabling roles in these transactions.