Asia-Pacific region

Livingstone & Company’s research capability has been at the heart of our clients’ assessment of trends and opportunities across China, India, Indonesia, and The Philippines, and from Myanmar and Vietnam to Thailand and Bangladesh. Our reporting of country-specific and region-wide macroeconomic trends, detailed analyses of industries from mining and fishing to construction and energy, as well as intelligence-based reporting on the political interests affecting oil & gas, commodities and natural resources projects, have provided our clients with the intelligence vital to sound strategic planning, successful negotiations and efficient resource management.

Recent or current projects have included:


Livingstone & Company has completed a wide range of assignments in India. We recently carried out a detailed examination of two leading Mumbai-based private equity professionals. As part of this assignment, we were asked to examine the sources of wealth and professional histories of both men – particularly with respect to governance issues – and to establish the extent of their ties to political figures and leading business families.

Other projects in India have included an investigation into Cabinet-level opinion regarding the liberalisation of foreign direct investment in the retail sector, growth opportunities in the healthcare sector, and an in-depth study of the management and operations of a large, family-owned conglomerate with significant energy interests.


Among other research projects in the country, we recently provided an investor with a detailed report on Chinese interests in the country’s oil & gas sector. Our inquiries focused on the creation of energy-related infrastructure, the economic and social impact of these developments on local populations, and the strategy of the Government as it has sought to both develop the sector and act in a manner illustrative of the opening up of the society following the beginning of the political reform process.


On behalf of a major industrial company currently expanding its interests in Indonesia, we have conducted detailed inquiries into the business background and reputation of an Indonesian businessman with strong ties to leading political families. In particular, we were asked to examine whether the businessman in question had held any political appointments and, if so, to what extent such roles may have been instrumental in facilitating his personal business interests.


Over a 15-month timeframe, Livingstone & Company was retained by a major European hedge fund to monitor wide-ranging political and industrial developments in China, reporting on a weekly basis. This monitoring project involved information-gathering and analysis of political developments and decision-making by both the Central Government and Provincial Administrations. We also provided first-hand information on the management and operations of a large number of businesses across China, in sectors including IT, automobile manufacture, mining, healthcare, human resources and financial services.


Livingstone & Company conducted an intensive investigation into the business activities and personal background of the CEO of a leading natural resources company. Of particular interest to our client was the extent to which he had been aware of or involved in issues surrounding the displacement of indigenous land-owners within Australia.


Livingstone & Company has looked into prospects for the oil & gas industry in the Philippines. Our work has focused both on the business case affecting interests in the sector, as well as the political background against which the sector is developing.