Middle East & North Africa

With an unparalleled intelligence-gathering capability across the Middle East and North Africa, Livingstone & Company has provided some of the world’s largest corporates and financial institutions with invaluable political insights, intelligence-gathering and assessments throughout these regions. Livingstone’s research network has allowed our clients to incorporate into their decision-making detailed assessments of Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian, Egyptian and Saudi Arabian decision-making, top-level analysis and assessment from across North Africa of the evolving political, security and business implications of the ‘Arab Spring’, and in-depth monitoring of the changing business, political and social environments in the region.

Recent or current projects have included:

Kurdish Northern Iraq

Livingstone & Company has in recent months examined the autonomous region’s oil & gas sector in great detail. Our reporting has focused particularly on the evolving dynamics in the relationship between foreign extractives companies and the Kurdish Regional Government. This has involved mapping political structures and influence, in addition to assessing the political and commercial factors and trends driving decision-making and policy regarding the sector.


In the wake of the Arab Spring, Livingstone & Company was asked by a major financial investor to examine the operations, track record and reputation of a leading Egyptian industrial company, in which our client was considering making an investment. Drawing upon our extensive political, business and other contacts in Egypt and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East, we provided our client with a highly-detailed, in-depth examination of the Company, its principles, its operations, and the possible risks involved in establishing a working relationship with it.

Libya & Tunisia

Livingstone & Company has closely examined attitudes among key government stakeholders in both Libya and Tunisia towards foreign entities in the oil & gas sector, providing insights from high-level figures within Government, politics, industry, and regulatory agencies, on the evolution and direction of policy-making regarding the sector in both countries, and have drawn together a range of official attitudes towards the client in question.


We have recently completed an extensive assessment and analysis of a major Tunisian private bank. Our associates across the banking, political and legal arenas were deployed to pursue our enquiries into the issues raised by our client, which included a look at the internal dynamics of the bank, as well as at the political orientation of its senior management and Directors.


Livingstone & Company undertook a highly-detailed study of the Turkish pharmaceutical market, in the course of which we examined the management and operations of a leading family-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer. As part of this project we were asked to assess and analyse the Company’s track record and reputation in Turkey – particularly with respect to the probity and competence of key figures in its senior management – as well as its links to high-profile Turkish politicians.

This report also involved a comprehensive study of the pricing of both branded and generic products, and assessment of whether the Turkish Government was likely to enforce further discounts to product prices in the future, as well as proposals for the liberalisation of drug retail in Turkey and the likely consequences of this for pharmaceutical companies.

United Arab Emirates

On behalf of a major multinational private equity investor Livingstone & Company provided detailed reports addressing the backgrounds, professional track records, sources of wealth and reputations of several Abu Dhabi and Dubai-based businessmen operating in the Gulf.

UAE and Saudi Arabia

Livingstone & Company has conducted extensive inquiries into labour issues and attitudes towards labour practices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.