Sub-Saharan Africa

Exceptional within the business intelligence sector for its in-house experience across Africa, Livingstone & Company is also unique for both the high-level of its contacts, research associates and sources on the continent, as well as for the breadth and depth of its Africa network. Against a background of relative stability, economic growth and technological advances, we have complemented investor interest in African markets by providing reporting of unparalleled detail and insight, which has ranged from in-depth analyses of the oil & gas, mining, telecoms and banking sectors in Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, the DRC, Angola, South Africa and Zambia, to highly-informed analyses of key political figures in Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, São Tomé, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Liberia.

Recent or current projects have included:


A major private equity investor asked us to provide a detailed assessment of an operator in the logistics sector. We conducted due diligence on the Company’s owners, key management and selected advisors, as well as providing an assessment of its reputation, business practices and operations.


As part of a broader, politically-focused study, Livingstone & Company undertook a detailed inquiry into key mining-sector interests in Eritrea.


Livingstone & Company has undertaken detailed inquiries into the prospect for development of the country’s forestry sector. Our reporting has included a focus on biographical, personal and reputational issues surrounding individual figures within the sector, and provided an assessment of Gabon’s forestry industry in the context of the political and business environments.


A global energy-sector player commissioned us to map key relationships and patterns of political, business and other influence in the country’s oil & gas sector.


On behalf of a multinational investor, we examined the extent to which senior figures within a major Ghanaian firm might have exploited political connections to develop their business. As part of this assignment, we provided a detailed assessment of how the Company and its management are regarded in wider business and political circles in Ghana; specifically, we were asked to focus on any potential reputational risks to our client of developing an association with the Company in question.


On behalf of an oil & gas major, we conducted a strategic analysis of the Nigerian petroleum sector. Our investigation incorporated an assessment of the risks and opportunities facing a potential investor interested in a specific opportunity, and provided a detailed understanding of a number of key issues, including bribery and corruption, security issues, local ownership regulations, and the outlook for the sector.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Livingstone & Company has undertaken wide-ranging inquiries into many issues across numerous sectors in the DRC. Our reporting has assisted our clients to better-understand the complex political and business environments in the country, helped strategic planning in the development of business interests, and provided firm foundations for decision-making.


On behalf of a major European investment fund, we examined the business backgrounds, reputations and political connections of a number of prominent Nigerian business people associated with a mid-sized healthcare company. In the course of our work we also examined the internal dynamics of the Company, the capabilities of its senior management, and the extent to which the business was reliant on contracts issued by the Department of Health.

South Africa

On behalf of an international power generation company which is expanding its operations, we conducted an assessment of the socio-political and security environment in Cape Town. Primarily focussed on security and strategic issues, the Report also collated insights into the local transport systems, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals and recreational facilities.


Livingstone & Company has looked in detail at issues regarding the development of the Malagasy telecoms sector.