The Americas

Of critical value to our clients’ assessments of the opportunities today emerging across North, Central and South America, Livingstone & Company’s intelligence gathering has played a vital role in the drawing up of sound business development strategies. Our extensive macroeconomic, political and business monitoring of the Brazilian landscape has greatly assisted major corporate and financial sector companies in accurately identifying opportunities and pitfalls, while our high-level intelligence-gathering in Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Argentina and Peru have been of vital importance to multinational clients seeking to expand their operations.

Recent or current projects have included:

United States

For the past 18 months, we have provided several leading global investment funds with privileged insights into key trends and opportunities in major sectors of the US economy, including: the emergent shale-gas industry, Wall Street financial institutions, Silicon Valley technology companies, developments in outsourcing and ‘nearshoring’, and the defence & aerospace industry. This ongoing reporting combines the high-level insights of key industry executives, consultants, market insiders, academic and think-tank institutions, with those of senior government and regulatory officials.


Livingstone & Company was asked to provide a Strategy Briefing informing Board-level decision-making regarding our multinational client’s future in Brazil. This strategy paper – examining the direction of Government policy and prospects for the general operating environment for foreign entities in specific sectors – provided our client with privileged and timely insights and key findings, based on discussions with senior political contacts, government and diplomatic officials, high-level trade and business figures, lawyers and investors.

Over the course of the past few years we have also produced a range of reports on investment opportunities in Brazil, addressing sector-specific concerns in the mining, manufacturing, technology, energy, agriculture, banking and automotive sectors, as well as addressing macroeconomic issues on behalf of a US-based investment fund, such as wage levels, labour supply and bank lending in disparate geographic regions. Recently, we have extended this research to provide detailed assessments outlining the lifestyle, income, corporate interests and political ties of a number of high net-worth individuals across Brazil.


On behalf of an oil & gas investor Livingstone & Company conducted a series of in-depth examinations of investment companies with major shareholdings in our client’s acquisition target. We provided our client with comprehensive due diligence regarding the backgrounds and reputations of the subject Company and its key managers as well as those of the key investors behind it, with a specific emphasis on their litigation histories. Our reports enabled the client to understand the potential difficulties it might face in the period leading up to the acquisition, as well as any challenges it was likely to encounter following the completion of the purchase.

In Mexico, we have also investigated prospects for off-shore drilling in Mexican waters within the Gulf of Mexico on behalf of a US financial services group. Our research involved gathering Cabinet-level views within the Presidential Administration and the opinions of key players in the Mexican energy sector.


Livingstone & Company was commissioned to provide a study of the official bodies and decision-making processes impacting the natural resources sector. We also provided detailed profiles of key individuals in Government, civil society organisations and in local communities involved in the sector. This study addressed both central and regional Government policy towards foreign entities, and included the mapping of administrative hierarchies and key issues likely to influence the projects.


Livingstone & Company has conducted detailed work on the management and operations of a company within the extractives sector. Of particular interest to the client was the manner in which the Company’s exploration and production licenses were procured and the process by which land was acquired from a number of prominent Colombian families, some of which had maintained high-level political connections.

Costa Rica

We were engaged to investigate the reputation, track-record and business interests of a politically-connected business figure in Costa Rica. To support the compliance department of a multinational financial institution, we were asked to ascertain the nature and scale of the individual’s business interests in Costa Rica and identify any international enquiries or legal cases pending against him.