UK & Ireland

Uniquely-placed to provide high-level insight into business strategy, investment opportunities and government policy, Livingstone’s capacity across the UK and Ireland has a firm foundation in the financial, business, legal and journalistic backgrounds of its UK-based team. Our UK and overseas clients have long-benefited from our exceptional strength as a London-headquartered company with a global reach, our UK and Ireland-focused research having ranged from the provision of detailed reporting on utilities, energy and infrastructure, to studies of outsourcing, telecommunications, finance and legal issues.

Recent or current projects have included:

Top-level insights into a multi-national energy company

Recent research into a leading UK energy company was undertaken with a particular focus on Board-level concerns. We accessed information regarding the principle challenges and opportunities as highlighted by senior executives, identified the preoccupations of key members of the management team, and established the reasons behind senior management changes at the company. Our reporting provided a comprehensive analysis of the varying outlooks of several business divisions, and provided insights into longer-term challenges being addressed by management in areas as diverse as technological change and regulatory risk.

Strategic intelligence

We were asked to undertake an investigation into a large professional services firm by a client already associated with the company. Our research involved analysis of the company’s management, client relationships, and history of M&A, with a view to gaining a full understanding of its overall trajectory and ambitions. Our team of research associates gathered views from within the company’s senior management, as well as from among its clients, our reporting providing our client with detailed insights into related trends in the company’s energy, telecoms and IT end-markets.

International utility

Livingstone was engaged to undertake research into a large international utility firm. By engaging City analysts, industry consultants and ex-employees of the company, we succeeded in providing a comprehensive analysis of the company’s principle concerns. We quickly gained an understanding of the issues facing its management in a wide range of areas – from IT to regulatory issues and M&A, as well as providing a detailed analysis of key players within management.

Investigating complex ownership structures

We mapped the background, reputation and ownership of an offshore company, the secretive nature of which necessitated identifying the company’s client base. Our reporting thus provided our client with detailed profiling of the company’s key executives and their other business interests.

Individual due diligence

Livingstone & Company recently conducted research into a senior executive, prior to a job offer being made. This brief required us to provide a detailed overview of the candidate’s career to-date, by engaging with multiple former and current colleagues. By speaking to professionals who had been both superior and subordinate to the individual in question, along with clients, partners and investors, we were able to provide a detailed picture of the prospective employee’s career as it had evolved.