How We Work

All inquiries carried out on behalf of our clients are undertaken in response to specific requests, all our reporting drawing upon intelligence-gathering tailored to meet our clients’ unique and detailed requirements. The intelligence obtained by our exceptional global network of associates is assessed and reported to our clients according to the following methodology

Identification of issues

The scope of research is agreed, following detailed discussion with our clients.

Deployment of Livingstone associates

Operating under a strict Code of Conduct, our carefully-selected research associates are deployed from within our global network. Working independently of each other so as to achieve the highest standard of objectivity, and never informed of the identity of our clients, our associates’ discussions with high-level contacts in business, politics, finance, academia, government and elsewhere, provide the intelligence which is central to our reporting.

Drawing together of findings by our London-based team

The intelligence provided by our associates is subject to intensive assessment by our London-based executive team. Known by our clients for the exceptional investment we have made worldwide in the resources vital to effective intelligence-gathering, Livingstone & Company executives apply the most rigorous standards of assessment, analysis and erudition, in order to maximize the value of our reporting to decision-makers and strategists.

Presentation and discussion of Report

Our findings are discussed in detail with our clients, with further requirements being considered, follow-up reporting undertaken, or ongoing monitoring of issues being agreed.