September-December 2015



September-December 2015

The Livingstone Quarterly Bulletin: providing brief summaries of recent research we have undertaken, the Quarterly Bulletin shares insights into global issues, market trends and political highlights from across the Livingstone network.






  • Saudi Arabia: In-depth study into the business activities of a controversial business figure
  • Brazil: Background due diligence on a range of prominent Brazilian businessmen based
  • China: Investigation into corruption allegations against the operations of a national institution across multiple jurisdictions
  • Lebanon: Detailed assessment of beneficial ownership in a regional energy
  • UAE: In-depth enquiry into the potential reputational risk attached to the
    business activities of an international business figure with across Africa
  • Mexico: Comprehensive survey of current and historic environmental issues and damage caused by a major mining company
  • Low Countries:  Investigations into the corporate record of a major restaurant chain and full profiling of its CEO
  • United Kingdom: Assessment of operational  and corporate issues associated with a UK-based industrial firm with detailed profiling of its key personnel
  • Brazil: Detailed examination of the political, corporate and other issues
    influencing the attitudes of parties affected by a major industry event
  • Nigeria: Real-time monitor of the formation of President Buhari’s new government, profiling of ministerial appointments and  portfolios
  • Tanzania: Monitor of the outcome of the Tanzanian presidential elections
  • Nigeria: Full report on the country’s macro-economic outlook and reform programme
  • Nigeria: Exhaustive survey of the country’s major national donor-funded Nigerian government programmes




Managing financial sector risk: the advantages of human intelligenceAs multi-million pound – and in some cases multi-billion pound – fines continue to stack up for leading multinational banks and other financial sector institutions in both North America and Europe as a result of breaches of sanctions, compliance or other regulatory policies, a reflex response has been to ‘de-risk’ by way of blanket policies.  Read More


The rise of private equity in AfricaDespite a collapse in commodity prices, and the cooling of a decade-long economic growth spurt, Africa continues to be a magnet for private capital aimed at serving the needs of the steadily gentrifying populations of the continent’s faster-growing economies. Read More