Livingstone & Company undertakes high-level, intelligence-based reporting for multinational financial institutions, corporations, law firms, development banks and major funds, to assist them in achieving strategic objectives worldwide.

From intelligence gathered by our global network of in-country research associates, we provide extensively corroborated insights into political, economic, industrial and business environments, so enabling our clients to mitigate risk, maximize opportunities and ensure compliance with the highest standard of business practice. Powerfully combining intelligence-based reporting with the analyses and assessments of leading economists and academics, Livingstone & Company contributes highly-informed advice to decision-makers considering business strategy, litigation, market-entry, investment opportunities and risk assessment.

Livingstone & Company’s provision of in-depth political and commercial analysis to the financial community, enhances the investment process, by providing intelligence-based assessment of political risk, in-depth market analysis, and detailed due diligence on assets and individuals. Our global asset-tracing and litigation support capabilities enable legal professionals to acquire extensive and detailed understanding of vital issues, while our analytical range and global research capacity permit our findings to become an integral part of strategic decision-making across industrial sectors.